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EPStaffCheck is available for state-based sanctions, licensure verification, disciplinary records, as well as NPDB reports. Annual subscriptions include all updates and unlimited toll-free and/or email support.

  • 36,000 searches (ex: 1,000 names checked monthly = 12,000 searches/year)
  • Standard Databases (All data is obtained directly from the source agency (such as OIG), using a direct query and/or direct data download)
    • SAM/EPLS
    • OIG/LEIE
    • OIG Most Wanted Fugitives
    • OFAC Specially Designated Nationals
  • I authorize billing for additional blocks of 36,000 or portion thereof, based on actual usage ($300 usage-based, do not pre-pay)
Select yes if your organization employs only individuals lawfully residing/working in the United States, and contracts and/or sub-contracts only with US-based organizations. This will ignore results from individuals and companies who have no known US presence, reducing unnecessary results.
Hold Ctrl + Click to select multiple databases

****NPDB and SSDI databases involve additional fees and forms. Please contact us for more information at 888-395-9029 or support@zebucompliance.com